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You Have Worked Too Hard To Leave Your Estate Vulnerable

Whether your assets are straightforward or complex, your estate needs to be protected from uncertainty regarding your wishes, potential mismanagement of the assets, and disputes between heirs and beneficiaries. I have been practicing law in North Carolina since 1999 where I have been a general practice attorney, handling estate planning, litigation, traffic matters and other areas of law.  I have been practicing law in Ohio since 1989 and am still licensed to practice law there.  I understand your concerns about estate planning and am prepared to help you through the process.

You want to leave your assets for your loved ones in the manner that you choose. You also want to ensure that your health and safety, and that of your family, is secure. You can rely on me for caring, experienced guidance in these areas, even when the decisions are not easy. Let’s discuss your estate planning options so you can move forward with them. I believe everyone deserves quality estate planning counsel. As a sole practitioner I can offer my services at reasonable prices. Please speak with me about how I can help you with simple wills, trusts and other concerns.

Protecting Your Wealth And Legacy

To preserve your assets and ensure they are distributed according to your wishes, you can choose from a number of legal tools such as:

  • A will, which allows you to name heirs and beneficiaries of your estate
  • One or more trusts, which can preserve assets as you see fit and avoid probate
  • A power of attorney for your financial affairs if you need help with caring for your bills, etc. or you are incapacitated and cannot make financial decisions (temporarily or permanently)
  • A power of attorney for business owners if they cannot make decisions regarding the business (temporarily or permanently)

You can always make changes to these documents, so long as you are competent to do so.

Protecting Yourself And Your Family

Estate planning is not just about protecting assets. It also allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones in other ways, including:

  • Naming guardians for minor children in your will
  • Making final wishes, such as funeral arrangements, known
  • Naming someone as your power of attorney for health care should you become incapacitated
  • Drafting an Advance Directive (Health Care Power of Attorney or Living Will) to specify your medical care or end-of-life wishes

I also assist clients with guardianships/conservatorships of vulnerable adults who are unable to manage their own affairs. This can be a difficult issue, but I can assist you with this process.

Estate Administration And Probate Services

If your loved one has died and you are the executor of their estate or the trustee of a trust, I can help you through estate administration and probate. Let me assist you with these complex duties.

You And Your Family Deserve Intelligent, Experienced Guidance

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